The ASI is demanding that the Western Australian Premier, Colin Barnett provide full details about all foreign supply agreements made during his visit to China.

ASI Chief Executive, Don McDonald said the Premier has a clear duty to the Australian people to fully disclose all details regarding supply agreements struck with Chinese officials during his visit to that country. “With over $700 million of Federal and State money earmarked to support the Oakajee project, the Australian public deserves and should be entitled to hear about exactly what Premier Barnett has promised overseas interests in his pursuit of foreign investment,” Mr McDonald said.

It has been reported that the Oakajee project has ‘engaged China Communications Construction Company as its port design consultant’ and also that a ‘strategic alliance’ had been set up with China Rail Construction Company. “While the rumour mill has been working overtime since the Premier left these shores as to exactly what he is negotiating with those foreign interests, local industry has been left in the cold,” he said. “None of our members report any approach being made to them over the Oakajee development.

Not even Western Australia’s Industry Capability Network has been engaged on this.” The ASI has twice written directly to the Premier over the past two months seeking explanation as to why local industry has not been engaged with regard to its capacity and capability to contribute to the Oakajee development – without response.


Name: Ian Cairns
Phone: 0417 426 002