The ASI has been awarded a grant by Workcover NSW to spread the benefits from BlueScope Steel’s work into improved logistics and handling to the dock operations of industry SMEs across the State.

The work will focus on redeveloping three sets of BlueScope Steel logistics safety guidelines materials covering the loading and unloading of trucks, working at height on trucks and trailers, and use of mobile equipment such as forklifts and cranes. The source materials were developed in-house by BlueScope Steel’s team of seven logistics professionals The materials will be redeveloped to be more suitable for the realities of tighter SME locations with less loading space and greater risk.

ASI National Safety Coordinator, Phil Casey said that OH&S focus in the SME sector to date has concentrated on ‘in-process’ safety measures such as manual handling, welding and processing of steel sections.

By contrast, logistics and handling of steel in tandem with transport has received limited guidance,” Mr Casey said. “And SMEs usually don’t have the time or resources to devote to developing safety materials or systems from scratch.” He said that by making the busy interfaces of the steel industry safer, the benefits will naturally flow through the value chain. “The big boys get the benefits from this work as it makes it safer for their people when dealing with downstream steel industry concerns,” he said. “It will also help spur flow-on effects in the form of lower compensation insurance premiums.”

The new materials will be mailed out in pack form to members as soon as they are finalised and will be available to wider industry for download from the ASI’s website at


Name: Phil Casey
Phone: +61 2 9931 6605