The Australian Steel Institute congratulates BlueScope Steel, OneSteel, Smorgon Steel and the Safety Network Group on establishing a Code of Practice.

Road freight at the Australian national level is forecast to grow significantly over the next few years. With approximately eight major heavy vehicle accidents reported each week and 5,000 annually, the challenge for increased road safety is getting harder. This has prompted the National Transport Commission, in conjunction with State Governments, to implement and revise road safety policy and legislation.

Australia’s three leading steel companies, BlueScope Steel, OneSteel and Smorgon Steel have proactively combined to address this challenge. Collectively they have formed a Transport Safety Network Group, intent on reducing heavy transport industry risk exposures.

The key item for the Transport Safety Network Group has been the development of an Australian Steel Industry “Chain of Responsibility“ Code of Practice, which prescribes minimum and preferred Chain of Responsibility behaviours. The three companies have all committed to compliance with this Code of Practice.

The Code complies with the National Transport Commission’s guidelines and has been registered with VicRoads. Specifically the Code targets load restraint, load mass and dimensions, driver fatigue and contractor safety management.

“Steel companies are significant road freight users. This is a great example of different companies combining on an industry basis to proactively improve safety and combat ever-increasing road risk challenges,” Ingilby Dickson, BlueScope Steel Vice President Global Logistics and Procurement said.

“In implementing the Code, BlueScope Steel, OneSteel and Smorgon Steel have collaborated to build upon the excellent hazard identification and risk reduction work that has already been achieved in the road transport of steel products,” Don Gartsky, General Manager Logistics OneSteel Market Mills said.

“In developing this Code, the Group has recognised our industry’s responsibility across the transport supply chain. Our Companies share a common pursuit of zero harm within the steel industry and a desire to demonstrate good corporate governance and citizenship as we positively adapt to evolving legislation,” said Andrew Bray, Smorgon Steel General Manager Supply Chain.

The Chain of Responsibility Code of Practice will promote awareness and training, the development of guidelines, audit capability and enhance existing management systems