The ASI has welcomed key measures announced today by the Australian Government in its response to the Brumby Anti-dumping Review to strengthen the nation’s anti-dumping regime. ASI Chief Executive, Don McDonald said the Institute is pleased that the Government has picked up on a number of key recommendations it submitted to the Brumby Review recently. “These moves can’t come at a better time as we field more and more reports from our members about evidence of dumped product as global economic conditions continue to deteriorate,” Mr McDonald said. He said that amongst positive initiatives outlined in the Government’s response, the ASI supports establishing of the new Anti-Dumping Commission with increased resources and based in a key manufacturing hub, increases in penalties where harm to local industry is established, important changes to the lesser duty rule and the application of retroactive duties. “We also support the Government’s commitment to extend the contract term of the International Trade Remedies Adviser which should better support SMEs which have limited resources to formally lodge anti-dumping objections,” he said. “However, we believe there is need for more of this type of support at State level to assist SMEs which represent a large part of the Australian steel manufacturing sector.” He said that the ASI looks forward to further announcements by the Government early in 2013 on strengthening the application of Australian Industry Participation Plans and mechanisms for tightening compliance to local standards. “These measures are urgently needed to support the industry going forward,” Mr McDonald said. “Anti-dumping is a right that countries have under WTO rules and policing this helps support fairer trade by making sure that countries operating in an increasingly free international market play by the rules. We look forward to both sides of Parliament supporting these initiatives for industry and the early passage of these changes.”