An industry-union push for fairer treatment of locally fabricated steel on major projects in Queensland went public on 22 September building on the advocacy model that has boosted awareness of the issue in Western Australia. As in WA, the ASI has teamed with the Association of Professional Engineers, Scientists & Managers of Australia and the Australian Manufacturers Workers Union (AMWU), with the Australian Stainless Steel Development Association, the Australian Institute of Steel Detailers, the Galvanizers Association of Australia and the Welding Technology Institute of Australia adding their extra weight to the Queensland effort. ASI State Manager – QLD & NT, John Gardner said the alliance had come together over a shared concern about the future of Queensland’s fabrication industry. “Given the huge investment going into Queensland’s coal seam gas and other major resources projects, you would expect the State’s fabrication and other businesses in the steel supply chain to be bursting at the seams,” Mr Gardner said. “Unfortunately this is the not the case with many businesses operating at a fraction of their capacity and some in danger of closing their doors.” The Queensland Jobs From Queensland Resources campaign seeks strong action from the Queensland Government to secure more skilled local work from local resources projects. Specifically, it seeks stronger commitment to Queensland Local Industry Participation Plans and for projects to be designed and specified to recognised Australian standards. For more information and to lodge your support, visit