Kingfield Galvanizing Pty Ltd

Kingfield Galvanizing Pty Ltd

Kingfield Galvanizing Pty Ltd

For over 30 years Kingfield Galvanizing has hot dip galvanized steel components for engineering, construction and infrastructure projects throughout Australia.

Based in Melbourne's northern suburbs, we recently invested $20 million in developing a state-of-the-art hot dip galvanizing (HDG) facility. Kingfield now operates the largest sustainable and most highly automated galvanizing plant with the lowest emissions of any HDG plant in the Southern Hemisphere.

Sustainable operating practices significantly reduce environmental impacts as automated materials handling equipment delivers more consistency in the pre-treatment process, resulting in uniform steel preparation and reduced consumption of chemicals. Fully enclosed pre-treatment, drying & hot dip galvanizing facilities prevent emissions from entering the atmosphere. Waste created from the galvanizing process is recycled and re-used, heat from the furnace is reclaimed, water is recycled within our plant and energy consumption per tonne is reduced. Kingfield's plant transformation includes staff free zones, automated materials handling systems, adjustable jig stands, extra jig stations and a transfer section that holds 24 jigs. Each of these upgrades reduces the risk of injury, from moving steel objects. Our enclosed pre-treatment room and fume extraction systems further reduce the potential for injury or exposure to hazardous chemicals.

Collectively these features minimise downtime, maintain a high quality, consistent galvanizing finish, increase throughput and enable Kingfield to reliably deliver on client deadlines.




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Kingfield Galvanizing Pty Ltd

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