WorkSafe Victoria

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The following publications are available from the WorkSafe Victoria website:

Industry Standard: Safe erection of structural steel for buildings
This industry standard has been designed to raise awareness of the dangers associated with erection of structural steel in the construction industry. The industry standard provides practical guidance for the design, fabrication, transportation and erection of steel members for buildings, to eliminate and reduce the risk to health and safety of employees and contractors involved in structural steel and the public in the vicinity.

Tilt-panel and steel erection checklist for builders and building trades contractors
Are your riggers properly certificated? Has the erection sequence been properly planned? Are cranes correctly sited and set up?

Metal fabrication industry – A guide to safety
'A guide to safety' in the metal fabrication industry is a 44-page publication that outlines WorkSafe Victoria’s expectations on how to eliminate or reduce the risk of injury in the metal fabrication industry. Risk controls in this document have been developed in consultation with Victorian industry.

Guarding metal cutting guillotines
This Health and Safety solution is for guarding metal cutting guillotines.

Pallet racking maintenance
This guidance note provides advice on the safe operation and maintenance of pallet racking in warehouses and storage areas in other workplaces.

Safe use of metal turning lathes
This guidance note provides practical advice for employers and supervisors about controlling common hazards while using metal turning lathes.

Safe handling when securing loads on trucks
This guidance note provides advice for road transport operators and workers who load and unload trucks. It includes information on the safe handling of side-gates, side-curtains and application of restraint lashings and tensioning devices.

Safe use of angle grinders
Practical advice for employers on controlling hazards when using angle grinders. Angle grinders are versatile hand-held tools commonly used in the manufacturing industry, especially the metal fabrication sector. The most common causes of injury to operators and nearby workers from angle grinders are lacerations from attachments that break and become projectiles, and lacerations from angle grinder kickbacks.