Steel Fabricators Survey

Steel Fabricators Survey – Changes to Welder Qualification Standards

The Australian Steel Institute (ASI) hosted a forum in South Australia for fabricators on April 11th, 2019. The forum was initiated in response to significant feedback, misunderstanding and concern from our fabricator community as to the direction of welder qualification in Australia, as demonstrated by the actual and planned changes in the relevant Australian Standards.

There are three Standards currently in play with respect to welder qualification in Australia:

  • AS/NZS 1554
  • AS/NZS 2980
  • AS/NZS ISO 9606-1

AS/NZS 2980 was recently revised (2018) and a significant number of industry concerns stem from the changed provisions and reference to AS/NZS ISO 9606-1.

The welding Standards committee (WD-003) have a stated intention to phase out AS/NZS 2980 and move to AS/NZS ISO 9606-1. No official timeframe has been set on that transition.