How does my company join the ASI Environmental Sustainability Charter?

How to join the ASI ESC

To become an Environmental Sustainability Charter (ESC) member, the manager of the company must sign the Environmental Sustainability Charter to commit to its principles.

The fabricator/steelwork contractor is required to maintain an Environmental Management System (EMS). The ASI provides an online EMS mentoring system to BS 8555 which is designed for small-to-medium enterprises. Fabricators with ISO 14001 can use this scheme to fulfil their obligations, but must still provide evidence through the web-based Environmental Management System (EMS) Mentor and be working on an environmental improvement project.

A joining fee and an annual fee are payable and these cover the introductory mentoring session, an annual audit and administration costs. During the annual audit, the environmental improvement of the company is measured and evaluated. The ASI reserves the right to conduct the ESC audit on-site if required to ensure that the projects listed on the online EMS Mentor are operational.

To obtain more information or to become a Charter member, please contact the ASI at or on 02 8748 0113.

Costs and charges 2021–2022

Joining fee:

  • $2950 including mentoring session
  • ASI members' subsidised joining fee is $1800
  • Prices include GST.

Annual fee:

  • $2100 including annual audit
  • ASI members' subsidised annual fee is $1800
  • Annual fees are due at the end of June each year
  • Fee is per workshop site. A second site may be added at a 30% discount on the annual fee. For more than two sites, these can be added at a discount of 60% each on the annual fee. A separate audit will be conducted for each site.