Environmentally aware steelwork fabrication and processing

ESC: Fabrication and processing

The flagship ASI solution for environmentally aware steelwork fabrication and processing is the Environmental Sustainability Charter (ESC).

Check the Environmental Sustainability Charter List of certified companies who conduct their businesses in accordance with the Charter.

Set up in conjunction with the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA), the Charter requires participating downstream enterprises associated with steelwork fabrication, processing or contracting to commit to conducting their businesses in ways that reduce their environmental footprint, demonstrate environmental responsibility, seek the same commitment in their subcontractors and suppliers, and share their knowledge of sustainability with others.

These companies operate the online EMS for their companies and undergo a compulsory annual audit to remain on the Environmental Sustainability Charter List.

A Green Star point can be earned on projects where Charter member fabricators are used. Fabricators committed to continuous improvement in environmental sustainability are the companies of choice when working to attain a Green Star point for building projects.

By using steel fabricated or processed by a member of the ASI Environmental Sustainability Charter (ESC), the environmental credentials for a project can be reinforced and, if relevant, it can gain a point towards GBCA Green Star rating. The ESC member fabricator demonstrates environmental responsibility through such initiatives as energy efficiency, waste reduction and recycling, at the same time making savings on their bottom line.

All you need to know about the ESC and its members