Seminar: Corrosion protection of structural steelwork - Brisbane

Corrosion protection is a vital and often expensive facet of steel design but possibly the area least understood by engineers and architects.

Corrosion protection applThis seminar is designed to provide engineers and architects with the necessary guidance to understand the applicability of existing corrosion protection specifications and for selecting an appropriate cost-effective coatings system to meet the requirements of AS/NZS 2312 ‘Guide to the protection of structural steel against atmospheric corrosion by the use of protective coatings’ and the newly released AS/NZS 5131 ‘Structural steelwork – Fabrication and erection’.


  • Rob Francis Chair AS/NZS 2312 Part 1 on paint coatings
  • Peter Golding (GAA) Chair AS/NZS 2312 Part 2 on galvanizing

This national series is supported by the Australian Steel Institute’s Australian steelwork corrosion and coatings guide based on AS/NZS 2312 which will be provided together with seminar notes for all attendees. The Guide and Seminar focus on providing practical information based on the numerous enquiries on the subject that the ASI has responded to over the years.

The Seminar and Guide aim to help inform designers on corrosion protection for structural steelwork to achieve the design life of the asset and to interpret AS/NZS 2312 to gain an understanding of this steelwork corrosion protection specification. It will also aid in understanding the process a corrosion professional will undertake in determining a suitable corrosion protection system for a particular environment. It has also been designed to be useful for the engineer, constructor, client, fabricator and protective coatings supply chain to understand specification requirements and current thinking as to how to achieve the results the specifier is looking for.

Comments from previous seminar:

A thorough well presented set of subjects with high relevance to my area of work, very relevant to the variety of construction projects that BMPX gets involved in.” Richard Hodgett (Brookfield Multiplex)

“Well done by ASI to present workshops and seminars which make a difference by informing delegates on this hot technology topic.” Richard Shedlock (Department of Mines and Petroleum WA)

12.00pm for 12.30pm start to 5.00pm finish 

Seminar Package

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Engineers attending this seminar may gain CPD points to meet Engineers Australia requirements.

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