Optimising the design of Structural Steel Hollow Sections and reducing the risk of failure.

This webcast seminar consisting of on-demand pre-recorded presentations (video, audio and slides) will provide information to assist you to optimise the design and use of Structural Steel Hollow Sections (SSHS) to AS 4100 and to identify the risk factors which can lead to failure of the steel sections.

Becoming familiar with the specific supply, fabrication and design aspects of SSHS is more important than ever due to a greater awareness of the need to address non-compliant building products in Australian projects. With a mixture of Australian and overseas manufactured hollow sections being available in the local market, specifiers, engineers and builders need to be able to identify what complies and what does not in order to satisfy the requirements of the National Construction (NCC) and Australian Standards.

Starting with the basics, be prepared to be presented with some provoking views on how you perceive SSHS/tube.

The overall seminar package consists of 2 x 60 min (approx.) long pre-recorded presentations (parts 1 & 2) followed by a maximum 60 min long pre-recorded Q&A session (part 3) as follows:

Part no. Topic Type of Event Viewing dates


  • Surge of SSHS over the last few decades – why?
  • Relating SSHS shape and manufacturing to finished product behaviour
  • Shapes and coatings
  • The need for product compliance: are you getting what you think you are?
  • Standards and how to ensure compliant SSHS
Pre-recorded on-demand presentation
(approx. 60 mins)
3 Nov to 10 Nov


  • Why are Cold-formed SSHS in a “Hot-rolled” design Standard such as AS 4100?
  • Re-grading steels – a no-no!
  • Tips on designing SSHS to AS 4100
  • Optimal use of SSHS
  • Design aids
Pre-recorded on-demand presentation
(approx. 60 mins)
3 Nov to 10 Nov
3 Q&A - presenter answers questions posted by viewers of parts 1 and 2. Pre-recorded on-demand presentation
(approx. 60 mins)
17 Nov to 24 Nov


Presenter - Arun Syam, Technical Sales Manager, Austube Mills

Arun provides expert technical and business support to Austube Mills & InfraBuild customers and partners and has a wealth of experience having worked in technical and advisory engineering roles within the steel industry for more than 35 years. He previously worked in fabrication, consulting engineering companies and with the Australian Institute of Steel Construction (now ASI).

Arun holds a bachelor and masters degree in engineering, is a Fellow of The Institution of Engineers Australia and a Honorary Fellow of Welding Technology Institute of Australia. He is involved with Standards Australia in Technical Committees on steel design, materials, fabrication, welding, coatings, composite steel-concrete design, bridges, scaffolding, temporary fencing, bulk materials handling equipment, metal finishing and corrosion. Arun has produced many of AISC’s publications till 2000, is a co-author of the well-known Steel Designer’s Handbook and has lectured nationally and internationally.

Event package

Each of the pre-recorded presentations (video, audio & slides) includes a copy of the presentation notes.

Event fees

$195 - ASI Member
$250 - non-member

Corporate Packages

Reduced fee packages are available for companies registering 10 or more attendees. For further information,  please contact ASI at enquiries@steel.org.au