Use of AS 4324.1 - Mobile Equipment for Continuous Handling of Bulk Materials - General Requirements for the Design of Steel Structures.

This webcast seminar consisting of on-demand pre-recorded presentations will provide information to assist you to optimise the design of mobile equipment for handling of bulk materials including excavators, stackers, reclaimers, ship loaders, and ship unloaders.

Guidelines will be provided on the most efficient use of AS 4324.1 to improve the robustness and reliability of the bulk handling equipment used in Australian ports and mines.

The seminar is a must for engineers wanting to learn the latest information on AS 4324.1 from the chairman of the Standards Australia committee responsible for the standard.

The overall seminar package consists of 2 x 60 min (approx.) pre-recorded presentations (parts 1 & 2) followed by a maximum 60 minute pre-recorded Q&A session (part 3) as follows:

Part Number Topic Type of Event Viewing Dates


  • Learnings from the use of AS 4324.1 over the last 20 years
  • Reasons for the change from the 1995 version of AS 4324.1
  • Details of the revision of the limit states requirements in AS 4324.1 to be compatible with the loading standard AS 1170.0
  • Further proposed revisions and improvements to AS 4324.1 2017 version
Pre-recorded on-demand presentation
(approx. 60 mins)
10 Nov to 17 Nov


  • Differences between AS 4324.1 and ISO 5049.1 – traps to avoid
  • Application of AS 4324.1 to excavators, stackers, reclaimers, ship loaders, and ship unloaders to improve the robustness and reliability of the equipment
  • Case studies highlighting areas of concern with initial design and fabrication leading to ongoing costly maintenance of equipment
  • Ensuring the compliance of the structural steelwork
Pre-recorded on-demand presentation
(approx. 60 mins)
10 Nov to 17 Nov
3 Q&A – presenter answers questions posted by viewers of parts 1 & 2.  Pre-recorded on-demand presentation
(up to 60 mins)
24 Nov to 1 Dec


Presenter - Richard Morgan, Aspec Engineering

Richard Morgan is a Director of Aspec Engineering which provides engineering services to mining companies, heavy industries, and ports in the areas of materials handling and infrastructure. He is Past Chairman of the Structural College of Engineers Australia and is currently Chairman of  Standards Australia Committee ME43 which is responsible for Australian Standard AS 4324.1 for Materials Handling Machines. Richard has held senior positions with a number of engineering companies including over 10 years as Principal Structural Consultant with BHP.

Event package

Each of the pre-recorded presentations (video, audio & slides) includes a copy of the presentation notes.

Event fees

$195 - ASI Member
$250 - non-member

Corporate Packages

Reduced fee packages are available for companies registering 10 or more attendees. For further information,  please contact ASI at