Fabricator Forum on changes to the Welding Standards - Adelaide

We have had a number of changes to welding related Standards recently, including Welder Qualification with the Standards AS/NZS 1554, AS/NZS 2980 and AS/NZS 9606-1 all in play to varying degrees.

What does this mean for our fabrication and welding community? What decisions are necessary in the short term? Where are we going in the longer term? What is our most cost-effective path through this? Do we need this?

You are invited to attend this important industry forum hosted by ASI and endorsed by many in our fabricator membership!

If you are a steel fabricator or welder or supply welder qualification services you need to inform yourself! The forum will comprise:

  • A presentation from the Welding Standards Committee chairman, Mr Bruce Cannon, outlining the history and rationale for the changes to the Standards, and planning for the future direction of your industry
  • Presentations by industry, providing lessons learned and issues from early adoption of the changes
  • An open forum to discuss the current issues, facilitated by an industry expert panel

This is your opportunity to both learn and also to have your say. Industry feedback is vital to Standards efforts to provide sensible solutions for our industry. You need to be part of that solution!


  • Bruce Cannon is a Principal Welding Engineer and Technical Publication Manager with Weld Australia. He is also the Chair of Standards Australia Committee WD-003 Welding of structures and has represented Australia at ISO standards meetings, including the current revision of ISO 9606-1.


Registrations/breakfast 8.00 am for 8.30 am start and 10.30 am finish

Cost includes presentation and breakfast

Download the flyer