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Engineering practitioners who design and specify steel structures need a practical understanding of steel materials including knowing the processes and practices of welding, cutting and forming, and weld testing and quality control. This knowledge is essential if fabricated steel structures are to be economical, practicable and fit for purpose.

Unfortunately few professionals have the opportunity to gain substantial exposure to fabrication workshop or testing activities and expand their practical understanding.

This course aims to address the gap, combining a broad scope of background information with hands-on practical experience.

On completion you will have gained an:

  • Appreciation of the design of welded structures
  • Insight into fabrication processes, procedures and automation
  • Overview of non-destructive testing processes and procedures
  • Awareness of the heat-affected zone, residual stress and distortion
  • Insight into the importance of welding procedures, and material certificates
  • Awareness of common design errors in steel structures

Course content

Course consists of 3 components – basic theoretical learning of steel and welding; hands on workshop time, and guest speakers.

Theory topics (indicative only):

  • Steel materials – properties, grades and standards
  • Mechanical cutting, thermal cutting, forming
  • Joining processes
  • Weld properties, weld preparations and weldability
  • Open and hollow section connections
  • Arc welding processes and selection
  • Heat treatment, residual stress and distortion
  • Weld defects, weld inspection and quality control
  • Management of weld quality
  • Design detailing – economy, access and common errors

Hands-on workshop

Of the total 27 hours of course time, approximately 18 hours will be spent in the workshop, using equipment and learning basic welding techniques. Teachers also create situations for difficult design welds, allowing firsthand experience at overhead welding, tight place welding or non-standard welding.

Guest speakers

  • Non-destructive testing (NDT) expert will deliver a demonstration on NDT testing methods and equipment
  • Steel fabricator will speak on economy of design and highlight common errors
  • Steel detailer will speak on economy of design and common errors they experience

Please note: Content is introductory level, assuming no or limited experience in metal fabrication. Some content may already be known to participants, however, it is included as a refresher prior to physically working with steel.

Participants successfully completing the course will receive 2 TAFE competencies including 'Perform routine gas metal arc welding' and 'Perform routine manual metal arc welding'.

Study and reference material provided

  • 'An engineer's guide to fabricating steel structures: Volume 1: Fabrication methods' (further details)
  • 'An engineer's guide to fabricating steel structures: Volume 2: Successful welding of steel structures' (further details)

Course fee

Price includes personal copy of reference materials and purchase of personal welding safety equipment.

EA and Weld Australia members who are not ASI members should email with proof of current membership to obtain the promotion code to access the EA/Weld Australia Member reduced fee of $1350.

Minimum registrations are required to commence the course. Places are strictly limited to 14 participants, so please register early to avoid disappointment.

Please note the above course fees are subsidised by SkillsTech Australia and are only available for residents of QueenslandDownload flyer and payment form

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