Do you know the full implications of the risks and costs to your business if you don’t have a good understanding of the contract you’ve just executed?

What other costs and risks does your business face through poorly negotiated contract clauses, or poor contract administration?

Fabricators and other steel products and service suppliers often enter large-scale commercial contracts which can have significant consequences when things go wrong. In this on-demand webcast, Ping Gangur (Director and Principal Lawyer of Level Playing Field Lawyers) will provide highly practical recommendations and insights into topics such as the underlying principles of construction contracts, important commercial considerations of a steel subcontract, and negotiating tender reviews. Ping will also take attendees through an assessment of contract clauses, illustrating the factors  that ensure a contract is fair and commercially sound for fabricators.

Who Should Attend?

  • anyone in the Structural steel industry
  • Fabricators 
  • Detailers
  • Rollformers
  • Galvanisers
  • Manufacturers
  • Steel processing services industry 

It will greatly assist:

  • Business owners
  • Directors and General Managers
  • Project Managers
  • Contract administrators
  • other project staff


Ping Gangur - the Director and Principal lawyer of Level Playing Field Lawyers.Having worked in the construction industry as a lawyer and builder for over 10 years, Ping has  acted as in-house legal counsel for a development company, building company, and a structural steel  company. As a Registered Domestic Builder and Commercial Builder (CB-L), Ping understands what constitutes a construction defect.  This makes her particularly skilled at advocating for her clients.  

Webcast outline:

Session 1: Understanding your contract

  • What exactly are you signing up to?
    • Underlying principles in construction
    • Negotiating and tender review 
    • Relevant case studies for steel fabricators
    • Commercial considerations of a steel subcontract
  • Contracts 101
    • Essential elements
    • Deconstructing the standard subcontract
    • Documents forming part of the subcontract

Session 2: Practical Application - contract administration for success 

  • Scope of works
    • What are you really agreeing to?
    • Good and bad examples
  • Points to negotiate
    • Risk management
  • Variations
    • Variations explained
    • Variations template
  • Liquidated damages
    • Documenting extension of time successfully
    • Extension of time template

Q&A session - all your questions from Session 1 and 2 answered by the presenter

Webcast viewing details: (pre recorded and available to view via your ASI Dashboard on set days)

  • Session 1: Understanding your contract 50-60 mins (view Tue 1 Dec - Thur 3 Dec, 2020)
  • Session 2: Practical Application - contract administration for success 50-60 mins (view Tue 1 Dec - Thur 3 Dec, 2020)
  • Q&A (view Wed 9 Dec - Fri 11 Dec, 2020) 


  • $195 ASI Member
  • $250 Non-member

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