There is a steel related business in every electorate, in every state and territory across Australia; through advocacy and engagement, the Australian Steel Institute provides a clear and consistent voice for the Australian steel industry.

Present across the steel value and supply chains, small medium and large Australian steel enterprises help drive the Australian economy and sustain Australian communities, delivering jobs, innovation and skills development.
The ASI is focused ensuring our industry is competitive, sustainable and innovative and promotes steel as the building and construction material of choice.

The ASI works in partnership with our members, to engage directly with key influencers and policy makers ensuring our members have a say in shaping the future of our industry.

Our public policy pillars

The following represent the key pillars of the Australian Steel Institute's advocacy agenda:
  1. Promoting Australian made steel
  2. Choose Australian steel: The preferred building and construction material
  3. Full, fair and reasonable trade
  4. No dumping ensuring Australian steel can compete
  5. Quality, compliance and best practice (including standards, safety and logistics)Innovation and future steel
  6. Securing reliable and affordable baseload energy for Australian steel
  7. Steel capability agenda: Diversity, STEM, trades, the next generation and succession
  8. Innovation and future steel